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Why the name?

When I put my son in the first edition it is what he shouted as we raced down the road. The excitement and adventure that comes with shouting “WEEHOO!” was perfect for the product.

Where can I buy a Weehoo?

Check our shop locator at this link:

What is a Weehoo?
The best bike trailer you’ll ever buy! Besides that, it is a seated bike trailer that allows the child to participate in pedaling the bike while remaining incredibly comfortable and safe.

Why pick Weehoo?
Weehoo is perfect for the child or children in your life for the three following reasons:
It is safer than the bmx attachment bikes because the seat provides greater stability and better propulsion from the child’s pedaling. It is super easy to attach thanks to the self aligning hitch designed specifically to allow one handed placement and a superior hold to the trailer and bike. It is sure to keep the kids smiling the whole time, keeping the adventures lasting longer than ever.

Will it fit my bike?
Weehoo fits a majority cylindrical seat posts with bushing sizes: 25.4, 26.8, 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, 31.9

What size is the tire on the Weehoo?
The tire on all of our Weehoo trailers is a 20” bmx tire. The maximum width of a tire that will fit on a Weehoo is 3” with varying results depending on ruggedness of tire.

How old does my child have to be to ride a Weehoo?
The Blast and Weego support ages 1-4; all other models support ages 2-9

How much weight can a Weehoo support, and how tall must the child be?
All the Weehoo models can support up to 80lbs. The child should be at minimum 36” tall.

Which Weehoo do I have?
One of the easiest ways to tell which Weehoo you have is by examining the frame.
If it is cylindrical it is either a Pro, or Classic. The Classic has notches with the moving mechanism for the seat while the Pro does not.

If it is square it is a Blast or Turbo. The Blast doesn’t have pedals, while the Turbo does.
The Venture is similar to the Turbo except with larger panniers.

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